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Study in Ireland, the land of poets. With a wide variety of institutions offering a number of programmes, Ireland provides a dynamic learning experience.
Why study in Ireland?
Ireland is a dynamic and modern country.Ireland’s landscape is extraordinary. Every single weekend you will have a beautiful place to visit during your stay in the country.
The quality of the Irish education system is one of the best in Europe.
Irish higher education institutions excel in many disciplines and are known for their teaching and research.
Being an English-speaking country, it’s a hub of technological innovations and scientific research.
Irish people are known for their friendly nature and hospitality.
Life in Ireland
The Irish are known to be fun-loving people and take great pride in their Nordic-Saxon heritage. As a student with a modest lifestyle, one can live comfortably with about 1500–1600 Euros a month. The Irish are extremely passionate about their food and drink and most towns have restaurants that cater to every budget and taste. Bread, Irish stew, Shepherd’s Pie and a glass of Guinness are a big part of the Irish cuisine. The Irish are also passionate about rugby and football.
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